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Steel Sheet Piling Solutions

Discover the Strength of Steel Sheet Piling

At DRE, we offer superior steel sheet piling solutions featuring interlocking edges (clutches) in various sizes and thicknesses. Our commitment to providing the best sheet piling steel extends to offering these sheets in plain finishes and galvanised options, ensuring durability and resilience against the elements.

Variety of Steel Sheet piles

Our experience has taught us that proper steel sheet piling is crucial. While we’ve installed various options like M7, L8, and M15, the popular and highly effective choice for balancing lifespan and cost is the galvanised L8. Recognising that thinner sheets are prone to edge rot, we proactively secure all sheets to a low, galvanised steel angle. This strategy maximises the lifespan of the piles, offering you long-term reliability.

Timber Capped Piling for
Lasting Aesthetics

Completing our steel sheet piling installations, we cap our structures with FSC-certified Ekki or Opepe timber. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, this choice is practical, as both timbers boast exceptional durability. Our approach ensures that timber replacement becomes a consideration only towards the end of the design life of the sheet piles, providing you with a lasting and visually appealing solution.

Challenges of Steel Sheet Piling

While the advantages of steel sheet piling are clear, we acknowledge the challenges. These heavy yet thin sheet materials and installation costs demand precision and expertise. We employ large-scale plant installations, driving sheets into a firm bed to prevent settlement, ensuring a robust and secure solution.

For Steel Sheet Piling Needs:
Trust DRE Marine & Civils

When you choose DRE for your steel sheet piling projects, you select a partner dedicated to delivering excellence, innovation, and longevity. Contact us today to explore how our tailored solutions, commitment to quality, and proven track record can elevate your infrastructure project to new heights. Discover the strength and reliability of DRE Marine & Civils in steel sheet piling – where every detail is engineered for lasting success.