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Sheet Piling:
Throughout Norfolk & the East of England

Why Choose Our Sheet Piling Services

Looking for sheet piling services in Norfolk? Look no further than DRE Marine & Civils! Our team of experts has extensive experience in marine engineering works and quay heading, making us the go-to partner for clients across Norfolk and the broader East of England region. 

At DRE Marine & Civils, we understand the unique challenges of Norfolk marine engineering. That’s why we offer tailored piling solutions that are designed to meet the needs of your project. Whether you’re building a new jetty, renovating quay walls, or reinforcing coastal defences, we have the skills and expertise to deliver excellence. 

Our specialised expertise and attention to detail set us apart from the competition. We use only the highest-quality materials and offer decking options that perfectly match our sheet piling material, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and longevity. With years of hands-on experience, our team is ready to tackle any challenge and exceed your expectations.

When you choose DRE Marine & Civils, you’re choosing a partner focused on the success of your project. We take pride in our commitment to providing strong foundations that stand the test of time, and we’re passionate about delivering solutions that are both robust and environmentally sound. 

Don’t settle for mediocre results. Contact DRE Marine & Civils today, and let us help you build a foundation for success!

Types of Marine Sheet Piling

Are you looking for marine sheet piling solutions that fulfil your waterways’ sheet piling requirements? You are in the right place! We offer a range of piling materials, including timber, plastic, and steel sheet piling, to cater to your project-specific needs. 

Marine sheet piling is a whole different ball game than above-ground sheet piling. Factors such as strength, lifespan, appearance, and cost come into play. Sounds overwhelming, right? But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Our marine sheet piling chart simplifies the decision-making process by breaking down the different piling materials we offer on the individual piling types pages.

Close up of pole piling installation. This is a type sheet piling using timber piles.

Pole piling

locally sourced green timber riverbank protection. There are a few different types of timber piling used, Alder being the most popular, offering an ecological appearance with varying lifespans.

Tanalised Redwood sheet piling in Ludham, Norfolk. Marine Civil Engineering project completed by DRE marine & civils.

Tanalised Redwood

largely popular on the Norfolk Broads. Supporting a traditional method of bank protection, offering good protection against medium levels of boat wash.

Timber capping being applied to the top of steel sheet piles.

Ekki Hardwood

hugely popular in 'Dutch' waterway engineering. This method uses tongue and groove piles of various widths that are anchored to the bank, suitable for all tidal ranges.

Steel Sheet piling in Wroxham by Dre Marine Engineering. Steel sheet piling is installed by sheet piling machinery.

Steel Sheet Piling

a robust option for sheet piling. Steel piling consists of interlocking edges, and it is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses to suit your waterways engineering piling project.

Plastic sheet piling with ekki timber capping on sheet piles.

Plastic Sheet Piling

a relatively new, lightweight, and robust option, offering a vast variety of plastic sheet piles suitable for different applications of marine civil engineering.

Cofferdam marine installations to create temporary water barrier.

Cofferdam Sheet Piling

a temporary work's structure to allow access for maintenance, repairs and new structures in waterways.

Superior Materials

Added longevity of sheet piles

Superior Construction

Sheet piling that lasts

Modern Machinery

Leading to more effective piling installation

Superior Finish

The job gets done properly

How a Sheet Piling Wall is Constructed

Steel sheet piling in Norfolk. Also commonly called Quay Heading.

Embark on a journey of expertise with DRE Marine & Civils, where sheet piling wall construction is elevated to an art form. Our team specialises in crafting comprehensive sheet piling designs that integrate precision and durability, ensuring they meet the distinct challenges of diverse waterway environments. We immediately began using Ekki, a dense, strong tropical hardwood widely used to great success elsewhere but not utilised on the Broads. This innovative choice sets our designs apart, enhancing both strength and longevity. Every project benefits from our meticulous approach, where sheet piling design is not just a blueprint but a strategic roadmap tailored to your unique needs.

Efficiency and accuracy define our approach, which is made possible by our cutting-edge sheet pile rig. Equipped to handle various conditions, this advanced machinery guarantees seamless construction, minimising disruptions to your project timeline. We also invested heavily in superior plant and equipment, utilising battery tools wherever possible to aid our green credentials. The deployment of expert sheet pile drivers further ensures the precision required for constructing resilient walls. Our team utilises powerful sheet pile hammers, expertly wielded, to drive success into every project—creating robust structures that stand the test of time.

Acquiring Planning Permission for Sheet Piling

Aerial view of completed sheet piling project in Norfolk and the East of England. Large sheet piling solution.

If you’re considering installing sheet piling on your property, dealing with the extensive array of rules and regulations related to planning permission can be quite challenging. It can be a genuine headache, especially if you’re not familiar with the intricacies of the process.
Enter our team, a Marine Civil Engineering company. We specialise in simplifying the complexities of planning permission, making it straightforward for residents and businesses in the Norfolk Broads region to secure the necessary approvals for their projects.

We understand that navigating planning regulations in the Norfolk Broads can be confusing, but we’re here to offer support. Our team is committed to presenting the rules and principles in an easily understandable manner, ensuring that you know precisely what steps to take to remain compliant.

At DRE Marine & Civils, we recognise the significance of environmental preservation, and that’s why we consistently adhere to the strictest building regulations. Collaborating closely with the Broad Authority, we ensure our projects meet all the required standards and encourage our clients to do the same.

If you’re considering a sheet piling project or marine engineering installation requiring planning permission, don’t go through it alone. Reach out to your local planning office.