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Sheet Piling Solutions in Cambridge

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Why Choose DRE Marine & Civils for sheet piling?

When it comes to reliable sheet piling in Cambridgeshire, DRE Marine & Civils offers unparalleled expertise. Our experience in the region, combined with our commitment to tailored solutions and durable installations, ensures your project’s success – protecting your property and enhancing its value.

  • Extensive experience in Cambridge’s diverse terrain: We understand the unique soil conditions, waterways, and environmental considerations across Cambridgeshire. Our expertise ensures optimal sheet piling solutions tailored to the region’s needs.
  • Wide range of sheet piling materials (steel, vinyl, timber, etc.): We’ll help you choose the right material for your project’s specific requirements. Factors like durability, budget, aesthetics, and longevity are all considered.
  • Customised designs to address specific site challenges: Whether it’s unstable soil, steep slopes, or tight access areas, we develop innovative sheet piling designs that overcome the unique challenges your Suffolk property presents.
  • Focus on long-lasting, reliable sheet pile installations: Our installations are meticulously executed, prioritising precision and superior materials to ensure your sheet piling stands the test of time.
  • Competitive pricing and transparent quotes: We offer fair prices for our top-notch sheet piling services and provide detailed quotes, so you know exactly what to expect.

Our Sheet Piling Solutions

DRE Marine & Civils delivers a full spectrum of sheet piling services to address Cambridgeshire’s unique needs. From stabilising shorelines and creating retaining walls to supporting foundations and offering flood protection, we provide customised solutions that deliver results.

Close up of pole piling installation. This is a type sheet piling using timber piles.

Shoreline Stabilisation And Erosion Control

Sheet piling creates a strong barrier between water and land, preventing erosion and preserving the integrity of your shoreline.

Tanalised Redwood sheet piling in Ludham, Norfolk. Marine Civil Engineering project completed by DRE marine & civils.

Retaining Walls For Landscaping And Infrastructure

Build terraced gardens, level uneven land, or support roads and buildings near water with robust sheet pile retaining walls.

Timber capping being applied to the top of steel sheet piles.

Foundation Support In Watery or Unstable Soil

Safely construct docks, boathouses, and other structures on challenging soil conditions with the added stability provided by sheet piling foundations.

Civil engineering works to install a flood gate at Beccles, Suffolk.

Flood Defences

Protect your property from rising water levels and potential flooding by using sheet piling to create floodwalls and barriers

Level being checked on steel sheet piling installation

Cofferdam Construction For Underwater Work

Sheet piles are used to create temporary, watertight structures (cofferdams), enabling safe and dry construction or repair work below the waterline.

The Benefits of Sheet Piling | Cambridge

Steel sheet piling application with vibration piling plate.

Invest in sheet piling in Cambridge and experience a range of benefits. This versatile solution safeguards your Cambridgeshire property against erosion, unlocks its potential through usable space, and boosts value with a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution.

  • Protects your land from erosion and water damage: Sheet piling creates a robust barrier against the forces of waves, currents, and weather events, safeguarding your valuable Cambridge property.
  • Creates usable space and enhances property functionality: Reclaim waterfront areas, build stable foundations, or create level surfaces. Sheet piling unlocks previously unusable parts of your property.
  • Increases the value of your Cambridgeshire property: A well-maintained, erosion-resistant waterfront translates into a higher property value. Invest in sheet piling for a smart, long-term return.
  • Offers a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution: Choose the right sheet piling material, and you’ll enjoy a strong, durable structure that requires minimal upkeep over the years.
  • Versatile applications for various waterfront needs: From flood protection and cofferdams to dock construction and retaining walls, sheet piling offers a diverse range of solutions for your Cambridgeshire property.

Client testimonials | East Anglia

Hear firsthand from our satisfied clients! Their experiences with DRE Marine & Civils’ sheet piling projects in East Anglia showcase our dedication to delivering quality results that meet and exceed expectations.

Sheet piling and jetty installation on waterways.

12m Sheet Piling Installation

"Following receiving an advertising flyer about DRE marine engineering capabilities, I contacted Daniel Roe for a quotation to undertake a timber jetty (plan area 7.5x1.8) and quay heading piling (length 12m) replacement at my property. I was very impressed with his proposal to replace the worn-out timbers with a hardwood which was as dense as Greenheart. Also the sheet piles would be tongue and grooved. In conclusion I was very satisfied with the finished product, both with quality of materials used, quality of workmanship and the final price represented very good value. I found Daniel very personable and a competent marine engineer and I have no hesitation in recommending DRE for carrying out inland marine engineering projects." - Mr S Read CEng MI

Full timber deckings with moorings. The boat mooring is straight onto the river.

36m Sheet Piling Installation and Dredging

"We first used DRE to install a 36m section of quay heading. Since then they have completed dredging works in 2 of our basins and groundworks on our site. I've always been impressed at the speed and quality of their work and will continue to use them in the future." - Mr L Dickson - Reeds Lane Marina, St Olaves

Access ramp into waterway with steel sheet piling solution. Ekki wood capping on sheet piles.

Sheet Piling Replacement Work

"I can unreservedly recommend Daniel Roe Engineering for the quality of the work, the fair pricing and the efficiency with which the job was done. In the spring of 2023 they replaced part of our quay heading and widened and rebuilt the slipway. The job was done on time and on budget with the site left neat and tidy. Daniel is an artist with a mini-digger - I felt I could have set up benches and charged people to watch him. Go to him first for any groundworks, and waterside jobs especially." - Mr T Kirwan , Dilham December 2023

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