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Restricted Access Sheet Piling Project – Oulton Broad – March 2023

We were approached by our client in the Summer of 2022 whilst working in the area. They had already had some new galvanised sheet piling installed along with a floating pontoon, however their existing contractor had left and had become unreachable. Other local contractors had looked upon the project as unfeasible due to the extremely restricted access, but we relish a challenge.

Project details;

Remove and dispose of 120 square metres of decking and frame work. 

Remove 3 Layers of piling along the 21 metre run either side of a narrow dock and slipway. This totalled 63 metres of piling to be excavated and disposed of. 

Install 21 running metres of up to 6 metre long galvanised L8 sheet piles, along with galvanised steel angle, galvanised anchors and softwood capping.


Access for plant, materials and equipment was from the water only, however even this wasn’t straightforward. Due to where the mooring pontoon had been situated it was only possible to land our smaller, 2.5 tonne mini excavator. Once we had landed the plant using our sub-contractor, Coastal Marine Support Limited, our continued investment in plant came into play. Our 2.5 tonne mini excavator is more capable than most and using our rotating selector grab we were able to extract, stack and bundle all waste timber, ready for removal and disposal. Then using our dipper extension attachment and vibro we we’re able to safely install up to 6m sheet piles to retain the back. Quite the feat for a machine this size. This was then anchored back to the bank using galvanised sheets and threaded bar, and capped in a durable tanalised softwood.


Thanks to the removal of the multiple layers of piling, we were able to restore the width of the dock and slipway. And by using galvanised sheet piling, constructed for longevity, the customer will have many trouble free years to enjoy it.