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Piling Solutions with Plastic Sheet Piling

The Innovation of
Plastic Sheet Piling

Are you ready to take your infrastructure game to the next level? DRE Civils has got you covered! We are excited to introduce you to the world of plastic sheet piling – an innovative addition to our offerings. With a projected lifespan and a wide variety of applications, these sheets are taking the construction industry by storm. They are a lightweight alternative to traditional materials and boast significantly lower weights, making them perfect for manual installation or usage with smaller plant equipment. Get ready to revolutionise the way you think about construction with DRE and our innovative plastic sheet piling.

Versatility in Piling Applications

Look no further than plastic sheet piles for a versatile and flexible solution for your construction project! These lightweight sheets are perfect for hand installation and can be easily used with smaller plant equipment, making them ideal for a wide range of project requirements. However, it’s important to remember that achieving the desired stability often requires extra effort, such as comprehensive backfilling or vertical anchoring piles. But don’t worry; with some planning, you’ll reach the perfect balance of flexibility and stability for your project.

Thoughtful Timber Capping for Durability

Imagine having a piling system that could last for half a century! That’s precisely what we offer with our Prolock Sigma plastic piling, capped off with a strategic blend of FSC Certified Ekki posts and timber. We take durability seriously, so we securely anchor the plastic piles and then cap them with the same timber, ensuring maximum longevity and robustness. With our piling solutions, you can rest easy knowing your structure is built to last.

Navigating Sheet Piling Challenges with Expertise

Are you familiar with the revolutionary construction technique known as plastic sheet piling? It’s an exciting solution for many projects, but some hurdles come with it. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of understanding in the industry. But worry not because Prolock Sigma sheets are here to save the day! These bad boys offer an expansive surface area perfect for friction piling. However, as with any construction method, ground conditions may need to align with this approach, leading to potential complications. That’s why it’s crucial to have experts who know how to navigate the unique challenges posed by plastic piling. Trust us, we’ve seen instances where through-hole piles were used to support piling vertically, especially with inferior softwood. So, if you plan to use plastic sheet piling, work with knowledgeable professionals who can guide you through the process and help you avoid any mishaps.

Choose DRE for Your Plastic Sheet Piling Needs

If you want to make your infrastructure project more sustainable and resilient, Look no further than DRE. We specialise in innovative and durable solutions, including plastic sheet piling. Our expert engineering team is committed to helping your project thrive in the face of evolving challenges. Let us show you what we can do – contact us today to discover how our tailored plastic sheet piling solutions can elevate your project to new heights. You can trust DRE Marine & Civils to lead the way when pioneering sustainable infrastructure solutions.