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DRE Marine & Civils:
Ekki Hardwood Sheet Piling

FSC Certified Ekki Hardwood - The Pinnacle of Timber Sheet Piling

Step into the world of DRE Marine & Civils, where we blend innovation with resilience to bring you the best in marine civil engineering. Brace yourself for a ground-breaking solution introduced by our team – FSC Certified Ekki Hardwood Sheet Piling. This unparalleled, durable and strong solution is a game-changer for projects on The Broads and beyond. Get ready to experience the best of marine engineering with DRE Marine & Civils!

Why Choose Ekki Hardwood Sheet Piling from DRE Marine & Civils?

  • Innovative Leadership: Benefit from our pioneering spirit as the first contractors to introduce Ekki Hardwood Sheet Piling to The Broads.
  • Proven Performance: Rely on the unmatched strength and durability of Ekki Hardwood, backed by a proven lifespan in freshwater environments.
  • Tailored Solutions: Enjoy the flexibility of various width options and precision tongue-and-groove piles, catering to the unique needs of your project.

The Ekki Hardwood Piling Advantage:

Unmatched Strength and Density

Ekki Hardwood stands out as an incredibly robust, dense, and durable timber, setting the standard for longevity and performance. 

Various Widths and Tongue-and-Groove Precision

Our Ekki Hardwood Sheet Piling features tongue and groove piles of various widths, providing flexibility and precision tailored to your project’s needs. Choose from 40/50/60mm thickness options.

Capped in Ekki Hardwood

Maintaining uniformity and enhancing durability, our Ekki Hardwood Sheet Piling is capped with the same hardwood of appropriate thickness, ensuring a seamless and resilient finish.

Anchor into the Bank for Stability

Achieve unparalleled stability by anchoring Ekki Hardwood Sheet Piling securely into the bank, offering reliability in challenging waterway conditions.

Proven Longevity in Freshwater

Ekki Hardwood boasts a proven lifespan of 25-35 years in freshwater environments, ensuring your project stands the test of time with minimal maintenance.

Breaking Ground on The Broads

DRE Marine & Civils takes pride in being the pioneering contractor to introduce Ekki Hardwood Sheet Piling to The Broads. We lead the way in innovation, bringing this exceptional timber solution to the region and possibly the entire country.

Cost-Effective Resilience

While Ekki Hardwood Sheet Piling is heavier, requiring longer piles and larger plant machinery for installation, it stands as a cost-effective alternative to steel sheet piling. It’s not just a different timber option; it’s a strategic choice for projects demanding strength and longevity.

Elevate Your Marine Engineering Project with DRE Civils

Ready to embrace the resilience and innovation of Ekki Hardwood Sheet Piling? Contact DRE Marine & Civils today to discuss how this ground-breaking timber solution can elevate your marine civil engineering project. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving excellence on The Broads and beyond.