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Cambridgeshire Civil Engineering Services: Foundations, Groundworks, and More

Reliable And Expertly Executed Civil Construction Projects.

The Problems We Solve

Cambridgeshire’s unique soil conditions, regulations, and weather patterns demand specialised civil engineering knowledge. You need a partner who not only understands those challenges but has a proven track record of delivering quality solutions on time and within budget. Whether you’re facing…

  • Tired of unreliable contractors, hidden costs, and the endless search for a team that understands the Cambridgeshire landscape?
  • Groundworks giving you headaches?
  • Foundations failing to meet standards?
  • Project timelines slipping due to unforeseen site complications?
We get it. Civil engineering projects are complex, and the wrong partner can turn your dream build into a frustrating nightmare. That’s why we’re here. With over 15 years of experience, we understand the unique challenges of Cambridgeshire soil conditions, regulations, and project complexities.

Our Civil Engineering Services

Let us handle the complexities of your civil engineering needs. Our tailored civil engineering services are designed to support your project goals, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.


Expert design and construction of residential and commercial foundations, including reinforced concrete, strip foundations, and more.



Comprehensive site preparation, excavation, drainage solutions, earthworks, and all associated groundwork services.

Flood gate install

Civil Engineering

From roadworks and infrastructure development to retaining walls and marine structures, we handle diverse civil engineering projects throughout Cambridgeshire.


Enhance the functionality and beauty of your project with our landscaping services. We design and install patios, driveways, fencing, and more.

The Benefits of Quay Heading

Investing in quay heading in Norfolk offers a wealth of benefits for your waterfront property. Beyond practical solutions for mooring and shoreline protection, a well-constructed quay heading transforms your landscape. Discover how it safeguards your land, enhances the functionality of your waterfront, and boosts the overall appeal and value of your Norfolk property.

  • Prevents erosion and protects your land: A strong quay heading acts as a barrier, shielding your valuable land from the erosive forces of water, waves, and boat traffic.

  • Improves your mooring capabilities: Secure, well-designed quay headings provide safe and convenient spots for docking your boat or watercraft, making it easier to enjoy all that Norfolk’s waterways have to offer.

  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your waterfront: A beautiful quay heading not only adds functionality but also transforms your waterfront property into a source of pride. It complements your landscape and creates a visually pleasing space.

  • Increases the value of your property: Well-maintained and attractive waterfront properties command a premium. Investing in a quality quay heading enhances the overall desirability and value of your land.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it!  See what our satisfied clients have to say about DRE Marine & Civils’ civil engineering services in East Anglia. Their testimonials highlight our commitment to quality, customised solutions and the transformative impact a well-executed civil engineering service can have.

Landscaping and dredging

Groundworks | Fencing | Landscaping

‘Daniel was recommended to me, and he and his team have been absolutely exceptional. I can’t speak highly enough of DRE. Having them on site was a breath of fresh air. They are extremely professional, every aspect of the work was carried out to the highest standard possible and they take genuine care in what they do. Daniel and his team stand shoulders above other contractors. If you want things done properly, with kindness, consideration and attention to detail, with flair and ease, don’t even consider anyone else – very highly recommend.’

Retaining wall and driveway

Quay Heading | Groundworks | Dredging

"We first used DRE to install a 36m section of quay heading. Since then they have completed dredging works in 2 of our basins and groundworks on our site. I've always been impressed at the speed and quality of their work and will continue to use them in the future." - Mr L Dickson - Reeds Lane Marina, St Olaves

Access ramp into waterway with steel sheet piling solution. Ekki wood capping on sheet piles.

Quay Heading | Groundworks

"I can unreservedly recommend Daniel Roe Engineering for the quality of the work, the fair pricing and the efficiency with which the job was done. In the spring of 2023 they replaced part of our quay heading and widened and rebuilt the slipway. The job was done on time and on budget with the site left neat and tidy. Daniel is an artist with a mini-digger - I felt I could have set up benches and charged people to watch him. Go to him first for any groundworks, and waterside jobs especially." - Mr T Kirwan , Dilham December 2023

Get Your Cambridge Civil Engineering Quote Today!

Don’t just take our word for it!  See what our satisfied clients have to say about DRE Marine & Civils’ quay heading projects in Norfolk. Their testimonials highlight our commitment to quality, customised solutions, and the transformative impact a well-designed quay heading can have on your waterfront property.