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Civil Engineering Norfolk and East of England

Based in Norfolk and dedicated to serving the East of England, Daniel Roe Engineering (DRE) is an accomplished civil engineering company that takes pride in its craft. Specialising in sheet piling, decking, landscaping, and marine civil engineering projects, such as silt removal and dredging. Our team at DRE Marine & Civils is committed to delivering enduring solutions as a turnkey solution for all your waterway needs. Renowned for high-quality engineering that stands the test of time, we approach our work with humility and dedication. Our focus on utilising superior products coupled with precision marine engineering has earned us a reputation for exceptional and reliable service, making us a trusted partner in the communities we serve.

Sheet Piling Specialists in Norfolk

Sheet piling, quay heading, for inland waterways is a crucial component of DRE Marine & Civils’ nuanced approach to marine civil engineering.

Our expertise in sheet piling is thoughtfully tailored to address the distinctive needs of these inland environments. Primarily, sheet piling finds its application in constructing retaining walls along water channels, providing essential erosion control and stabilising the banks of rivers and canals.

We recognise the significance of utilising sheet piling to create mooring structures and jetties, ensuring safe and secure berthing options along intricate waterways. Furthermore, in projects involving dredging and silt removal, sheet piling is a reliable tool to establish cofferdams and containment structures, facilitating efficient and environmentally sensitive execution.

DRE Marine & Civils takes pride in seamlessly integrating sheet piling solutions into the tapestry of inland waterways, contributing to preserving and enhancing these cherished landscapes.

Marine Engineering Solutions Using Superior Materials

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, specialising in marine civil and waterway engineering.

We understand that every project is unique and requires a personalised approach. We bring knowledge and proficiency to every project, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge engineering principles into practical, real-world applications. From intricate marine projects encompassing sheet piling, decking, and dredging to comprehensive inland waterway solutions, we strive to deliver innovation with unmatched quality.

We’re committed to using superior materials sustainably and to client satisfaction, and we work tirelessly to craft robust and aesthetic waterway structures that fortify infrastructure and leave a lasting impact on the landscapes in the communities we serve.

Decking Jetty and Mooring Installation

Are you in the market for top-quality decking, jetty, and mooring installations? Look no further than DRE Marine & Civils. With our meticulous approach, we’re committed to delivering solutions that look great and last for years to come.

When it comes to decking, we take great care in selecting the perfect materials to match the corresponding piling materials. This creates a cohesive look and ensures that your decking and piling components have a similar lifespan. Our use of Tanalised Redwood for decking is just one example of the high-quality materials we use to establish a robust connection that enhances durability.

We take pride in our careful consideration of nailing and screwing methods, with a clear preference for screws due to their superior durability. We also consider the framework materials, ensuring they complement the piling rather than the decking itself. This ensures that your installation is built to last, with durability at the forefront of our design philosophy.

At DRE Marine & Civils, we believe that quality is critical. That’s why we never compromise on materials, avoiding using inferior ones that may harm the overall durability of your installation. Our commitment to delivering solutions that seamlessly combine visual appeal with enduring functionality is unmatched, ensuring that your decking, jetty, or mooring is a true masterpiece that stands the test of time.

Landscaping to Finish Your Project

At DRE Marine & Civils, we are not just about precision engineering – we are also passionate about transforming outdoor spaces into breath-taking, sustainable environments.

Our landscaping projects are a seamless blend of natural elements and cutting-edge design, creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly.

Whether sculpting the outdoor areas around our civil engineering structures or crafting green spaces that coexist gracefully with waterway projects, we take pride in every leaf and stone.

Our landscaping initiatives are about adding beauty, elevating the impact of our engineering endeavours, and creating practical and visually stunning spaces. From vibrant gardens to resilient hardscapes, we aim to create inspiring and delightful outdoor spaces.

Our Work

Civil Engineering Projects

Showcasing our completed marine and civil engineering projects in Norfolk and beyond.